Car Tuning

For over a decade, electronic tuning of car engines has been in existence. Earlier on, there were limitations to the scope of performance tuning. Since the introduction of engine management, a lot changed. It made it possible to gain on the excess airflow that car engine ingested from the air filters and thus inject more fuel than normally done.Afterward, at the around late 1990s, tuners were given much greater scope to improve on engine efficiency by the begin of manufacture of computer controlled engines.

Why Tune?djdjdvijdid

For car enthusiasts, extracting extra performance from their cars is quite attractive. The tuning of car engines improves the engine efficiency and add around ten to fifteen percent enhancement to normal conditions of driving. The cost of fuel keeps rising, and therefore there is a need to make your car more efficient and economical with a boost in performance from an improvement in engine torque.

Before You Tune.

Cheap tuning Softwares are available online but not all are good, and your car may not be ready to go through a remap. Take note of
the following points before you tune your car engine.
1.Tuning should be done after establishing the general health of your vehicle .Proper checks should be done on tires, suspension,
brakes and other parts, and if engine problems are present, they should be dealt with in advance.
2. Do a research on the tuning you are to do as some of the processes involved are irreversible
3.Engage different tuning companies and do a judgment based on their answers, then make a comparison of their offers.Check
their websites for feedbacks from customers to ensure the right choice of the tuning company
4. Do an elimination for any company that makes questionable or unreliable claims
5. A company offering After-sales service has an added advantage
6.Look for a company that includes insurance in its package to cover for any damage or problem arising during or after the tuning process
7.Have a physical meeting with the tuner and enquire about the tuning process and performance of your car

Best Tuning

Electronic tuning ofdjncdkjndv car engine involves modification or altering of the signals or instructions sent to different components of the
engine. The software that is written to the ECU is changed by the chipping and tuning Softwares, which use programs that are carefully developed and modified to change the instructions that manage the engine. Plug and play packages are also
available that intercept the standard signals from the ECU, which is done by placing a small electronics box between the ECU and key engine components.The effectiveness of tuning will depend on kind of software used and the cost involved.